What’s the point of social media?

Posted on March 28, 2011


I wrote this a couple of months ago and stuck it on my facebook notes to share with my friends, well before I ever thought I would have a blog. I’m sticking it here now as I’m speaking to people all the time about why social media is important and hopefully a few more people I’m trying to convert will ‘get it’ too and join in….

I’ve wondered for a while what the point of twitter is if you’ve got Facebook as you can do and share so much on FB… a few of you know I’ve been on Twitter for a wee while, more out of curiosity than anything else, and I’ve got to ‘know’ cos it’s my job now, but the reason I’m rambling on a bit here, is I’ve just finally GOT IT… and I really do think that in the future it will be how we access the web, and learn more about the things we are really interested in.

I’ve heard it said that Facebook is where you meet your friends, and Twitter is where you follow people you really want as friends…..

There is room for both…

With FB it is for me and my friends, especially as we all have such busy lives and we don’t get the chance to catch up face to face, so it’s great to get wee snippets of what you are all up too …..but Twitter is about putting all my sources of info in one place, and it’s a place I go to learn something new, whether that’s to do with breaking news, what’s what in the world of social media, or what my fav comedians are thinking about or most importantly what wisdom Nigella is sharing today.

What put it really into context was two events of last week, the first was the Tommy Sheridan trial, and how Twitter came to the fore, it was the first time tweets were allowed from a court room in Scotland and credit to STV News for pushing to get this to happen and the other news outlets for joining in….suddenly there was a place to go where everyone could get the breaking news first, comment in the right place and share their views…and then leave again without upsetting or offending anyone…The second event is what is going on in Egypt, twitter has been on fire with this, and by following people whose views I respect I’m getting access to news before it’s on the traditional sources, BBC etc.

If you’re interested in how social media is going to evolve and allow us to be more informed and want to find out more, get yourself a twitter account, follow some interesting people, have a wee look at my list for starters and I hope you find it as fulfilling as I do….sermon over…hope to see some of you there. http://twitter.com/corrinnedouglas

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